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Red Sea

Giannis D

Giannis D was one of the several ships that met their fate in the shallow section of Shhab Abu Nuhas reef. Whose mistake led to Giannis running into the reef in 1984 it is still being debated, however, this addition unquestionably improved the rec divers' choices in the area. Due to its shallow location, in only 20 yrs, Giannis disintegrated into 3 pieces with Bow, Amidships and Stern lying more or less parallel to the Reef.  The deepest part, stern is laying on its port side at a depth of 70 ft with a list of about 45% - it is very picturesque in the typically good visibility of 100ft +

Highlights include propeller which is partially buried in the sand; raised decks and the Funnel (with the "D" clearly visible). Reportedly, it is easy to access the engine room, however we did not try. The bow, resting on its port side, represents another excellent photo op with the forward main mast stretching out directly above and parallel to the sand.

giannis_stern1_thumb.jpg (17534 bytes) bow_divers-thumb.jpg (18282 bytes) gianis_ruins_thumb.jpg (17283 bytes) Giannis_Anton_stern_thumb.jpg (20346 bytes) giannis_bow_thumb.jpg (4316 bytes) giannis_deck_thumb.jpg (17579 bytes) giannis_deck1_thumb.jpg (17992 bytes) giannis_more_siluettes_thumb.jpg (17080 bytes) giannis_divers_thub.jpg (29690 bytes)   giannis_stern2_thumb.jpg (19558 bytes)

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