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Red Sea


One of the four diveable vesels that found their fate at the bottom of the Saab Abu Nuhas reef, 300' (100m) Carnatic sunk with loss of 27 hands in 1869. That wreck is by far oldest and, as a result, it is heavily encrusted in hard and soft coral. It is in the side with the floors between the decks fallen away providing interesting photo opportunities.

Highlights are numerous and include some easy penetration; semi-buried prop; life boat davits extending high in the water and all the sea life that is concentrated on that wreck in years since sinking. Vis was 100+ ft (30 meters). Depth 50 to 75 ft (17 to 24 meters) 

 carn_buddy_hole1-thumb.jpg (21345 bytes) carn_buddy_prop_thumb.jpg (25490 bytes) carn_buddy_hole2-thumb.jpg (21624 bytes) carn_buddy_red-thumb.jpg (21342 bytes) carn_buddy_ruins-thub.jpg (20308 bytes) carn_inside_out-thumb.jpg (27003 bytes) carn_insideout1-thumb.jpg (26309 bytes) carn_buddy_hole_thumb.jpg (22126 bytes) carn_prop-thumb.jpg (26480 bytes) carn_red_coral-thumb.jpg (22682 bytes) carn_buddy_prop1-thumb.jpg (27455 bytes) carn_red_thumb.jpg (33894 bytes) carn_stern_thumb.jpg (15034 bytes)

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