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Red Sea


Dunraven had been under the water since1876. It was a Victorian steam- and sail-ship that was carrying spices, gold and timber from India to England. She hit the reef after an allegedly drunken dispute involving the Captain, his wife, and the First mate, and sunk soon after in the Gulf of Suez. The wreck is in 60 to 100 ft of water. It is turtled with the hull developing some holes in it (from the old age) providing ample penetration opportunities even for recreational divers.

Highlights include absolutely huge boilers inside the hull; very photogenic propeller and a requisite meeting with few of the resident Napoleon Wrasse - they scared the daylight out of me when we first saw then. Each Wrasse was larger than average human (or at least it seemed like they were)

dunraven)prop_buddy-thumb.jpg (25695 bytes) dunraven_boiler_thunmb.jpg (22400 bytes) dunraven_inside_thumb.jpg (19411 bytes) dunraven_prop_buddy1_thumb.jpg (28588 bytes) dunraven_thumb.jpg (22120 bytes) dunraven2_thumb.jpg (21062 bytes)

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