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Red Sea

Chrisoula K (AKA Tile Wreck)

At the time of her sinking in 1981, Chrisoula K was carrying floor tiles. For some time this 300 ft long wreck at Shaab Abu Nihas remained unidentified, hence the name of Tile Wreck. Of all four wrecks at the reef, Tile wreck is the closest to it, with the bow in just 3 ft of water and the stern in 75ft. If i can remember correctly, this wreck was in two pieces with the stern cut off and on its side while the rest of the wreck sits relatively upright.

The highlights include looking at the superstructire and details of the bow; engine room (which we did not penetrate); propeller and rudder; the cargo of tiles and the masts

Hazards include watching for wave action in the shallower section of the wreck. I leaned about it the bad way - by being suddenly sucked into the door opening and spat out of the window few seconds later.

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