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Northern Red Sea

When I agreed to join my brother on his first live aboard trip to Northern Red Sea, I expected vibrant vivid colors, wide variety of creatures, big and small, soft corals of all imaginable shapes and sizes. What I did not realize is that our route took us to nine different wrecks – and what a nice collection of wrecks it was! From famed Thistelgorm to a skeleton of an old barge, each of the wrecks ranged in age from 100 year old to very recent additions to the reef and offered some unique views and shooting opportunities.

Since we dove in a single tank configurations, we did not do too many deep penetrations, which means I would have to come back one day to see the engine rooms. Below are some shots that I took during that week.


carn_buddy_hole1-thumb.jpg (4036 bytes)


t_gorm_gun2_thumb.jpg (17857 bytes)

Giannis D 

giannis_bow_thumb.jpg (22869 bytes)

Rosalie Muller 

r_muller3_thumb.jpg (45884 bytes)



dunravenprop_buddy_thumb.jpg (25788 bytes)


Chrisoula K (Tile wreck)

tile_wreck_mast2_thumb.jpg (15282 bytes)

Other Wrecks

gates_thub.jpg (20873 bytes)