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Red Sea


She has a reputation of one of the premier wreck sites in the Red Sea and beyond. The reputation is well deserved - it has storied past; her size is absolutely huge (longer than 400 ft) and impresses you immediately as you descend. She has all kinds of goodies including complete trucks and munitions tored in her holds. Tanks and guns decorate her decks. Unfortunately, due to her world fame, she is so overcrowded that diving her could quickly become an unpleasant experience. We ended up doing our 1st morning dive on her at 5am, so that we could explore the holds w/o bumping into people.

Highlights include: gunwales with a cargo of supplies destined for the British Fifth Army; armoured Bren-Gun Carriers; BSA Motorcycles; jeeps, trucks; aeroplane parts; stacks of rifles; radio equipment, munitions, and a plentiful supply of boots. Also lots of fish, sich as barracudas as well as occasional lionfish

Hazards include depth (120+ ft to the bottom), occasionally strong current and scores of other divers in the holds.

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