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Truk Lagoon

Sharks and Manta

Shark dive was a very enjoyable experience. There were at least 30 sharks, including silvertips, reef and blacktips. The dive site is located just outside of the lagoon, so the visibility was spectacular - probably 150 ft or even more.

The feeding portion consisted of two large pieces of bait being dropped along side the vertical line and various sharks fighting for it. In maneuvering to get closer to the bait, some sharks got very close to the divers near the bait - it was quite an adrenaline rush.

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Meeting giant manta was an adrenaline rush of a different kind. Going to Truk, I did my research and knew that mantas are not very frequent there, so I did not expect to see any. That is why it took some time and more than several wild gestures from the DM to convince me that it was indeed huge manta that I was seeing on my FIRST dive of the trip ;-))

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