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Truk Lagoon

Fish, critters and much more

I always thought that Truk Lagoon was wreck diver's paradise, and it truly was. However, some of those wrecks had such an amount of life on them that I ended up diving them with the macro lens exclusively, so I ended up with no pictured of wrecks, but lots of pictures fish and critters.

Truk Lagoon trip was my first sighting of anemone fishes or clowns (remember Nemo?). The more I shot of them the more I wanted to spend time with them - just could not get enough of watching them play hide and seek. Some were very shy and hard to shoot, while others just posed for the camera

clown_black_thumb.jpg (14093 bytes) clown_pink_thumb.jpg (29872 bytes) clown2_thumb.jpg (30762 bytes) clown_red anem_thumb.jpg (29876 bytes)  clown_thumb.jpg (29940 bytes) clown10_thumb.jpg (23531 bytes) clown11_thumb.jpg (33597 bytes) clown12_thumb.jpg (18630 bytes)   pink_clown_thumb.jpg (20565 bytes) clown1_thumb.jpg (38651 bytes) clown1-thumb.jpg (34609 bytes) clown2_thumb.jpg (27134 bytes) clown3_thumb.jpg (27080 bytes) clown4_thumb.jpg (51846 bytes) clown6_thumb.jpg (19666 bytes) clown7_thumb.jpg (30382 bytes) clown8_thumb.jpg (19660 bytes) clown9_thumb.jpg (29310 bytes) clown3_thumb.jpg (37328 bytes)

Also first for me were the anemone shrimp sightings. They were so tiny and transparent that focusing was very hard - but the few in focus pictures were well worth the attempts. I also saw several other almost transparent shrimps

an_shrimp_thumb.jpg (21694 bytes) an_shrimp1_thumb.jpg (23723 bytes) an_shrimp2_thumb.jpg (17469 bytes) an_shrimp3_thumb.jpg (19274 bytes) an_shrimp4_thumb.jpg (30091 bytes) an_shrimp5_thumb.jpg (29278 bytes) an_shrimp6_thumb.jpg (64030 bytes) little_shrimp_thumb.jpg (25297 bytes) anemone_shrimp_thumb.jpg (32574 bytes) anemone_shrimp1_thumb.jpg (36830 bytes) anemone_shrimp2_thumb.jpg (22892 bytes) anemone_shrimp3_thumb.jpg (32889 bytes)


Yet another first and probably the most exiting was finding the blind bulldozer shrimp and the goby that live together in the same hole. I have read so much about this co-habitation, but never saw it before. Some of Truk sites had literally hundreds of shrimp and goby houses. Most occupants were very shy and did not want to pose for the camera, however, some shrimp-goby couples just ignored the camera completely, letting me take few shots

shrimp_goby_thumb.jpg (33580 bytes) shrimp_goby1_thumb.jpg (35782 bytes) shrimp_goby2_thumb.jpg (30688 bytes) shrimp_goby4-thumb.jpg (30175 bytes) goby_shrimp_thumb.jpg (26827 bytes) goby_shrimp1_thumb.jpg (26091 bytes) goby_shrimp2_thumb.jpg (25019 bytes) goby_shrimp3_thumb.jpg (38258 bytes)  goby_shrimp4_thumb.jpg (40059 bytes) goby_shrimp5_thumb.jpg (39347 bytes) goby_shrimp6_thumb.jpg (38550 bytes)


Various pipefishes were present in numbers at some sites

pipefish1_thumb.jpg (26897 bytes) pipefish3-thumb.jpg (21482 bytes) pipefish4_thumb.jpg (29883 bytes) pipefishes-thumb.jpg (30926 bytes)


Blennies and gobies were abundant, first time I saw a lot of free swimming blennies.

 rain goby_thumb.jpg (30182 bytes) blenny1_thumb.jpg (25103 bytes) blenny3_thumb.jpg (36611 bytes) gobies1_thumb.jpg (34300 bytes)  gobies2_thumb.jpg (31338 bytes) goby1_thumb.jpg (34197 bytes) goby2_thumb.jpg (39588 bytes) goby3_thumb.jpg (34287 bytes) goby10_thumb.jpg (36110 bytes) goby12_thumb.jpg (33601 bytes) goby13_thumb.jpg (38007 bytes) goby14_thumb.jpg (41494 bytes)  goby4_thumb.jpg (30483 bytes) goby5_thumb.jpg (32943 bytes) goby8_thumb.jpg (25908 bytes) goby9_thumb.jpg (37684 bytes)


Night dives brought out a lot of banded shrimps, prawns, crabs and lobsters.

banded shrimp_thumb.jpg (30104 bytes) bandedshrimp_thumb.jpg (43253 bytes) 711crab_thumb.jpg (38201 bytes) prawn_thumb.jpg (39894 bytes) reefcrab_thumb.jpg (35543 bytes) 711crab1_thumb.jpg (33598 bytes)


The fire coral was home to a lot of little fishes and crabs.

coral_crab0_thumb.jpg (31414 bytes) coral_crab2_thumb.jpg (36413 bytes) hermit1_thumb.jpg (22849 bytes) fish3_thumb.jpg (43780 bytes) oral_crab3_thumb.jpg (30681 bytes)hermit2_thumb.jpg (21550 bytes)


Hawkfishes were definitely my favorite fish subjects of the week

hawkfish_thumb.jpg (31947 bytes) cutie_thumb.jpg (55161 bytes) cutie1_thunmb.jpg (31449 bytes) hawk1_thumb.jpg (34679 bytes) hawk2_thumb.jpg (36106 bytes) hawk3_thumb.jpg (38487 bytes)

Other highlights included numerous fishes, nudibranchs and flatworms. Lion fishes and puffers were ever present.

bunnerfish_thumb.jpg (25578 bytes) butterfish_thumb.jpg (26847 bytes) fusilier_thumb.jpg (27904 bytes) fluffy_nudi_thumb.jpg (29911 bytes) lion2_thumb.jpg (62345 bytes) lion3_thumb.jpg (30583 bytes) lizard1_thumb.jpg (36120 bytes) nudi1-thumb.jpg (34984 bytes) nudi3_thumb.jpg (34936 bytes) grouper_thumb.jpg (31615 bytes) puffer1_thumb.jpg (29087 bytes) puffer3_thumb.jpg (13265 bytes)    star_puffer1_thumb.jpg (29014 bytes) cushion star_thumb.jpg (35831 bytes) fish1_thumb.jpg (30426 bytes) fish2_thumb.jpg (37237 bytes)  fish4_thumb.jpg (31358 bytes) fish6_thumb.jpg (37313 bytes) fish7_thumb.jpg (39814 bytes) fish8_thumb.jpg (39217 bytes) nudis_thumb.jpg (29683 bytes) sea_cucumber_thumb.jpg (43384 bytes) slug_thumb.jpg (18053 bytes) fish5_thumb.jpg (27971 bytes) clam_thumb.jpg (40652 bytes) clam1_thumb.jpg (39722 bytes)


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