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Lake Huron


Wexford made history as was one of the large eight freighters to go missing with all hands during infamous Lake Huron storm of November 9, 1913. The other 7 were 249' Regina (since located in 90 ft of water in Sanilac preserve); 504' Charles Price (resting in 70 ft near Lexington, Michigan); 416' Argus (located in 220 ft off Michigan's Thumb); 416' Hydrus (not located); 550' James Carruthers (not located); 432' John McGean (located in 220 ft off Michigan's Thumb) and 504' Isaac Scott (in 180 ft off Alpena, Michigan).

Wexford was the first of the eight freighters to be found in the upright condition - the first five were found upside down. When I dove Wexford in 2002, the viz was quite bad, probably 4 ft max. I came back in summer of 2004 and found the viz improved somewhat, but still a far cry form reported 50-80 ft. It looked like the bottom current running form bow to stern was stirring up a significant amount of sediment making the viz below 70 ft very bad, may be 10-15 ft max. Visibility above that was quite good - probably good 30-40 ft. Inside was not bad at all.

Highlights include various portholes, some still with glass, numerous deadeyes. There were numerous artifact on the main deck in 2002, such as light fixtures and plates - I saw none in 2004, but was later told that they were moved to lower decks. Anchors at the bow are another highlight. There is also a third anchor - near stern on the main deck. Visibility or the lack of is obvious hazard.

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