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Lake Huron


Depth 130 to 155ft/ Length 187 ft/ 3-masted schooner/ Built 1867/ Sunk August 13, 1868 in collision

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Zebra mussels update - August 2007: Having not seen Dunderberg for couple of seasons, I was surprised by the amount of zebra mussels that she had acquired. The change was visible to a naked eye (see before and after section). It took less than 10 yrs from the first mussels found in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie until they covered all available surfaces of Ontario/ Erie shipwrecks. It would be sad to see Huron wrecks disappear under the cover of zebra mussels.

The figurine: The figurehead on the bowsprit was undisputedly the main attraction, but definitely not the only one. Intricate scrollwork started on the side panels leading from the bowsprit to the anchors. Divers are still debating as to what animal the figurine is supposed to represent, but alligator seems to be the consensus. The scroll work is depicting wines and leaves.

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The bowsprit itself was intact with some deadeyes and chains still on it.

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The bow had two intact anchors on each side and a huge winch.

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The foremast have fallen off and was laying on the bottom on the port side - complete with the cross nest and the deadeyes.

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The foremast fife rail was still in its place, complete with belaying pins. Main mast was still standing, all 30 ft of it - the rest is broken off. The mast was leaning quite precariously and might fall off in a few seasons. The sail hoops were stacked at the bottom inside the fiferail. Other interesting features on a deck included capstan and a bilge pump.

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The holds were wide and tall enough to swim through. Of particular interest on that swim through would be a collision hole.

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Stern had a gaping hole where the cabin used to be. The transom was brocken up with rudder post (?) leaning on to one side.

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Before and after 2004 Vs 2007 - amount of zebra mussels seemed to increase

Both fife rails side by side - mast hoops are almost covered under the main mast fiferail (left 2 pics) and there is a much thicker cover on the deck.

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Bowsprit - notice the thick cover underneath and on the chains as well:

2004: Untitled-10_thumb.jpg (20664 bytes) Untitled-16_thumb.jpg (19871 bytes)  2007:  Dunderberg0008.jpg (87789 bytes) Dunderberg0010.jpg (81470 bytes)


And 2 more shots of the same item, 2004 and 2007:

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