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Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

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Fish, critters and more

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When I first watched the video of diving in Newfoundland, I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. The variety of sea life in the water that cold was astounding. I discovered that real world was exactly like that video on my first dive.   Wrecks were alive with various kinds of anemones, crabs including hermits, various species of fishes, numerous seastars, jellies and even a skate. Vivid colors, numerous jelly fishes & sea butterflies made the deco stops much more interesting. And to top it all, the deep wrecks were covered by soft corals! Just like Red Sea, only a few degrees colder. Well, a lot of degrees... at the deeper wrecks, water was zero C or 32 F.

The title of my favorite Newfy subject goes to the right faced flounders. They were the most cooperative models giving me numerous opportunities to compose their faces. They also proved to be the most intriguing subjects while hiding in the sand. Scates were also hiding themselves in the sand.

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The most exiting and elusive subjects to photograph were the schools of capelin. Capelin is a small fish that rolls close to the shore in July-August attracting whales. Schools of capelin typically show up in a certain cove and a lot of locals gather there with simple nets and scoops getting the fish right out of the water. It is a fun event to watch on shore and it was even more fun to chase schools of capelin underwater with a macro lends trying to get them in focus....

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Rock fish and eels were on every corver. Also saw a number of sculpin fishes guarding their eggss.

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Other sibjects includes various critters inclding hermit crabs; slugs; seastars; Anemonies and my buddy posing next to some flounders and a eel.

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