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Grand Cenote, Sistema Sac Actun - "White Cave" in Mayan

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The name says it all. Unlike yellowish, greenish and rusty hues of formations in other systems, Grand Cenote was white. For the longest time, until Nohoch was discovered, this system was considered to be the most decorated of them all.

There are couple of cave lines there and a massive cavern line. In early 2005, we spent few hours taking picture of the Cavern Zone. I added some shots in 2006 and 2007.

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We spent a few dives exploring the Grand Cenote-Ho-Tul line,  passing the jump to Upstream Paso De Lagarto line and then going with the flow towards Cenote Ho-Tul and traversing to the start of the line at the other end of Ho-Tul. The cave was even more beautiful than my first impressions and the formations past the jump and close to Ho-Tul were unbelievable. As a bonus, on Jan 1, 2006 we were the only scuba divers in the whole system, both cavern and cave. I have never seen it so devoid of divers and probably never will. But what an incredible feeling and what a way to ring in New Year!

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