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Nohoch Nah Chich, part of Sistema SAC AKTUN

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This was my favorite cave during my early 2000's trips to Mexico. I first dove it in 2005 or so, back when it was not yet connected to the system of SAC AKTUN.

The cave is very shallow. In my ealier trips we dove three different lines: Parker’s Line, Main Line and Alberto’s Line. The max depth was 18ft on Parker’s Line, 24 ft on Main Line and 21ft on Alberto’s Line. The average was 14ft for all three lines, so the longish dives were a rule rather than exception. In 2014, we did a obligatory trip to Heavens' Gates and then spent some quality time on a line behind the Disneyland line.

2014 shots

2007 and earlier shots

Cavern area did not have the dramatic features of Carwash or Grand Cenote, but the rays of sun dancing all over the cavern fully compensated for lack of drama.

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Main Line

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Parker’s Line had smaller flatter passages with lots of various speleo forms decorating all available surfaces. Other notable attractions included the “Curtain” formation just past the T. I thought this was the prettiest of all three lines there. We noticed that someone put plastic cups with the distance markers on the Parker's line in 2007. Not sure why this was not done with arrows like in Florida, but is was nice to know the distance from entrance.

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Alberto’s Line was similar to Parker’s and felt too short as it ended suddenly right at Heaven’s Gates on the Main Line. The tree roots that were hanging from the ceiling on Alberto’s  Line added an element of surprise to an already surreal experience.

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