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Roatan, Honduras


Aguilar was first intentionally sunk wreck off the coast of Roatan. It was initially sitting upright and in one piece, but, was split in three by the forces of hurricane Mitch that battered Honduras and Bay Islands in 1998. In my humble opinion, that made this wreck "real". There is lots to explore, but unfortunately most day dive boats as well as liveaboards only do one dive per week on it. The max depth is close to 120ft., so in order to have meaningful bottom time, one would most likely run into some deco obligation. There is a resident moray eel close to the bow and the wall right next to the wreck is breathtaking

bow of aguilar_thumb.jpg (16205 bytes)  66512064rkiyJU_ph_thumb.jpg (20037 bytes) aguila_wreckage_tom_thumb.jpg (18052 bytes)  aguila_wreckage_tom1_thumb.jpg (18304 bytes)  side_thumb.jpg (28366 bytes)

aguila_middle_part_thumb.jpg (20325 bytes)  aguila_stern_bw_thumb.jpg (15558 bytes)  aguila_stern1_thumb.jpg (16094 bytes)  engine room_thumb.jpg (24522 bytes)    

aguila_inside_out_thumb.jpg (24908 bytes)  aguila_inside_thumb.jpg (21697 bytes)


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