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Mainline, Pump and James Bennett

The columns in the main passage are numbered with #1 at the surface and water level starting at #23. Swimming into the mine along the main passage, the even numbers are on the left and odd numbers are on a right. The main passage goes down at an angle of approximately 10 degrees.

Mainline is Yellow kermantile line with 100 ft markers. Line goes all the way down the main passage until Column 67 (172 ft of depth and over 1,000 ft of line) at which point it makes a 90 degree turn and goes east along the solid wall following the railroad tracks. The white line to Pump area runs off the Mainline (it's a T) at column 51. There is also another line that runs to pumps area off the main line at approximately 300 ft mark. 

We had the best visibility in the first 300 ft of line on Day 1 and it was worse every day after as the few snowstorms alternating with rainstorms resulted in a lot of snow melting and the runoff bringing a lot of dirty water into the system.

James Bennett. The name of James Bennett was painted on a wall near the pump area.

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Pump and accessories. Given the dept (32 meters or 115 ft max) and the distance (about 10 min swim), the pump would likely be one of the prime tourist attractions in the mine. It is very big and will be a stunning sight in a better visibility.

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Other graffiti - lots of other scribbles on the walls and on top of the concrete barrier of some sorts (3 shots below)

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Artifacts included the hand saw, remains of the railcar, structure that could have been a bed? and various baskets plus lots of smaller items.

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Buddies at work. The first two shots were taken in the first 300 ft of the main passage on Day 1 when visibility was still good.

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