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Truk Lagoon

Kensho Maru

After several dives on it, 385 ft long Kensho had become one of my favorite wrecks in the lagoon. Kensho was first discovered by Cousteau expedition in 1969, but was subsequently forgotten until 1980s when she was re-discovered again.

It is sitting upright and on an angle, with depth increasing bow (90 ft) to stern (130 ft). This wreck has so much to offer to a photographer, that I dove it with two different set ups on each dive, either macro and wide angle or two wide angles. It has several kinds of anemones with various clown fish residents. Night life on it is one of the best in the lagoon (try looking for different critters on the top of the pilot house)

The engine room is one of the best (if not the best) in the lagoon, especially for people with cameras. It is huge, both width and height and the eight piece skylight provides so much light, you can take ambient light pictures of the engine. There's also access to lower levels that offer some interesting sights.

The areas surrounding the engine room block contained the crew mess and the galley - galley still had some cooking utensils and tiled floor.

Highlights are numerous and include already mentioned engine room; remains of the pilot house with telegraph and compass stand; some artifacts on the deck; rack of radio equipment on the deck just below pilot house. Stern gun is also quite neat to see.

Hazards - penetration at the lower levels can be quite tight. Watch for silt as well.

Below are the kingpost, pilothouse and the level lower then pilothouse that housed the communication center:

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Crew quarters, mess, galley and some deck items:

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Engine room, inside, lower levels and outside:

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