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East Shallow Line (Jump 29)

The two shallow lines start at the columns #29 (East Line) and #30 (West line). The main line has single set of jump markers for both East and West since they are essentially opposite each other. East Shallow line is braided white and extends for over 1,500 ft with depth varying between 25 anf 40 ft.  

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Going East along the Shallow East line, we found column numbers 11, 12, 13, 15 in the first 1,000 ft of line and 20, 21, 22 in the next 600 ft. so it would appear that some of the east-west columns also had numbers starting from the main passage. By the end of the line we have encountered what looked like an intersection with numbers 29 and 39 on a single column. 

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For a while, the team laying the first 1,000 ft of line followed the remains of the old rail road. Rails long gone (straight ones probably re-used deeper in the mine and curved ones piled in the corner), sections of that road had wooden timbers still in place. Other timbers were piled up nearby.

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Throughout the expedition, East shallow line offered the best visibility creating opportunities for some good shots. Passages were generally wide, with the exception of the triangular shaped one below that some of us used to wide open caves called a "crack" and others used to much tighter passages called "cathedral".

The visibility in the first 800 ft declined in the second half of the trip as the run off intensified. The visibility then improved as we went further East adding another 600 ft of line on a second last day of diving.

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There were a number of support columns, spaced very closely in some areas. It must have been due to the fact that the thickness of overburden above the mine was the lowest in the shallow areas. There were also numerous artifacts including a little blue teapot sitting amidst the red rubble.

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