Wrecks and Reefs...and Caves

Pictures and Stories by Vlada Dekina
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Wrecks (Great Lakes and other places)

The page has numerous photos of wrecks from the Great Lakes and other parts of the world including Red Sea, Cyprus and Caribbean. I live in Southern Ontario with Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron within easy drive and that's where I do most of my diving.

Reefs (macro, wide angle and more)

These shots are from my various warm water trips. Over the years my interests have shifted to wreck and cave diving, so this page had not been updated since 2006.


Stories and Links

This page hosts my diving stories, links to useful sites on local charters and wreck research. Stories mostly cover my international travels from the years past as well as my travels around Great Lakes and cave locations. 

Caves (caves, caverns and more)

buddy_staligmites_thumb.jpg (4967 bytes)This page contains the cave and cavern photos from the springs of Florida and the beautiful cenotes of Yukatan, Mexico as well as photo page for Feb 2007 Mine Quest Project in Newfoundland, Canada.


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