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Truk Lagoon

Yamagiri Maru

At the time of her requisitioning by Japanese Naval forces, 440ft long Yamagiri was a passenger-cargo ship. With six holds, she has a substantial cargo carrying capacity. At the time of her sinking, during operation Hailstone, she appeared to have been under repairs. It is reported that Cousteau expedition found her in 1969, but she was then lost and not rediscovered until 1980s.

Yamagiri was our first dive of the trip and that was also the dive that I met my first manta, so I did not take too many wrecks pictures. All that I remember is that she was on her port side with the bottom at 110 ft and average hold depth of 75ft. The most interesting items were the huge artillery shells in hold #5 - see it in one of the pictures below

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