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Lake Erie

George Whelan

Depth 120 to 150 ft/ Length 220 ft/ Lost 1930/ Discovered 2005

220 ft long steel steamer George Whelan had an interesting life before sinking in 1930. She then remained on the bottom untouched and undiscovered for 75 years. She was found on October 13, 2005 by Jim Herbert and Gary Kozak and the first ever dive on her took place on October 27, 2005. Read the story of her discovery on Jim Herbert's page.

I finally got to dive her in June 2006. She flipped almost upside down on sinking and is currently sitting on the bottom with the deepest part at around 150 ft and most of the good parts (i.e. deck, etc.) buried in silt. Apparently, there is an opening there providing access to the inside with plenty of exploration opportunities. The opening did not look big enough to get the camera through and I stayed outside.

Highlights include wonderfully exposed prop and the rudder; sand dunes surrounding the wreck; anchor on the bow and the lifeboat sitting half buried in the silt near the stern

Dangers are depth, darkness and silt.

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