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Lake Michigan


Depth 70-84 ft/  length 110 ft/ launched 1848/ lost with all hands Sept 20, 1856

When I was driving to the Straits portion of my Northwind-Tobermory-Straits of Mackinac trip, the 110' long brig Sandusky was the wreck that I wanted to see the most. It was a two masted brig, which was a rare type in the Lakes and that one was reportedly in great condition with intact bowsprit that had a ram figurehead (a replica one). IN 2003 trip, we had to cut our Eber Ward dive short because we wanted to ensure we’d have enough gas left to complete the Sandusky dive safely. 

I was disappointed in Sandusky – it was not the wreck that I would like to visit again. The figurine and bowsprit were nice, but the rest was just ordinary.

The highlights include the ram figurehead; bowsprit; rudder; tiller; capstan; working bilge pump and masts and rigging still on site. It is sitting upright in 70 ft of water. Visibility was 30-50ft 

 Hazards: not really any I can think of – there was a bit of a current, but manageable

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