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Truk Lagoon

Shinkoku Maru

Another favorite of mine. At the time of her requisitioning by Japanese Naval forces, 500 ft long Shinkoku was a commercial tanker. After requisitioning, Shinkoku became one of the supply oilers for the Carrier Striking Force and participated in the famous Battle of Midway that saw sinking of four Japanese carriers and an American one (Yorktown).

Today, she sits on the bottom at about 105-130ft (stern is deepr), upright and intact. Due to the amount of growth and macro life on her, she also makes an unbelievable macro dive. Most dive ops would do at least 2 or 3 dives on it.  Truk Odyssey did four. 

Highlights are numerous and include very interesting engine room with the workshop; stern gun that is so covered with corals and encrusted in sponges that you can be next to it and not recognize it; tripod structure at the stern and a very neat pilothouse. On one of the dives we also swam inside the superstructure encountering some  interesting things along the way that included bathtubs and remains of the toilets.

Engine room was quite spacious and had some interesting items in it. Bridge was beautiful and well lit. The mid-structure level contained what remained of the operating room

Hazards - it is very silty inside

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