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Roatan/Utila Macro

Roatan and other Bay Islands are often called the “macro capital of the Carribean” – and in my opinion, it fully deserves the title. The variety of creatures was astounding - from little decorator crabs to basket stars so big, they did not fit into the frame.

The blennies were my favorite subjects all week:

 red blanny_thumb.jpg (20434 bytes) blanny2_thumb.jpg (25932 bytes) blanny3_thumb.jpg (24008 bytes) blenny1_thumb.jpg (22475 bytes)  


And flamingo tongues and slugs were the close second:

 flamingo1_thumb.jpg (36606 bytes) flying_red_doris_thumb.jpg (23164 bytes) lettice slug_thumb.jpg (29505 bytes) just_landed_red_doris_thumb.jpg (28453 bytes)


There red decorator crabs could be found in the most unusual spaces, as well as hermit crabs. Other critters were represented by arrow crabs, red ad banded shrimp and even the lobster

hanging uo_thumb.jpg (21785 bytes) decorator_star_azure_vase_thumb.jpg (23089 bytes) decorator_yellowsponge_thumb.jpg (27569 bytes) decorator crab1_thumb.jpg (31006 bytes) 

hermit hole_thumb.jpg (27413 bytes) red_spotted_hermit_thumb.jpg (29715 bytes) red_hermit_thumb.jpg (20364 bytes) red_spotted_hermit1_thumb.jpg (28416 bytes)arrow_crab_thumb.jpg (27106 bytes) banded shrimp1_thumb.jpg (26217 bytes) two_red_shrimp_thumb.jpg (28214 bytes) lobster_close_thumb.jpg (26466 bytes)

Stars, brittle and basket, were the most plentiful

basket_star_thub.jpg (31197 bytes) brittle star_fan-thumb.jpg (35267 bytes) brittle_stars_abound_thumb.jpg (29657 bytes)

I had done some fish and octopus portraits as well

 eel_thumb.jpg (25595 bytes) eye_thumb.jpg (21488 bytes) puffer_up-close_thumb.jpg (27316 bytes) octopus_thumb.jpg (27953 bytes)

Utila got the nickname of "X-mas tree capital of the Carribean" - Christmas tree works and blue tunicates were all over the sites that we dove

mirror_image_x_maxtree_thumb.jpg (23116 bytes) tunicles_thumb.jpg (20571 bytes) x_mas_tree_on_fan_thumb.jpg (29690 bytes) x_mas_tree_orange_thumb.jpg (22585 bytes)x_mas_trees_thumb.jpg (24802 bytes) psychedelic_thumb.jpg (22177 bytes) social_feather_dusters_thumb.jpg (27450 bytes) polyps_open_thumb.jpg (24407 bytes)

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