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Florida Caves

Peacock 1

Even though both Peacock 1 and Orange Grove are part of the same system, buddy and I never got to the same place from those two entrances (we swim slow), so I split them in two separate sections on this site. From Peacock 1 we swam the main line to the Olsen sink and for a bit after that. The cave was still quite beat up, but much more interesting than sometime monotonous Orange Grove side. Not sure how the hole in the wall is called but it provided for some interesting photo opportunities. I even managed to get a shot of the pothole entrance but putting my camera low to the ground and angling it up (see first two shots above). That entrance got plugged by debris by 2012. In 2013, my buddy and I discovered how to get to a "well line" from the main line in Peacock 1 and spent a few very enjoyable dives there. See below.

2008 shots

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Spent some more time in Peacock in 2012. The massive floods preceeding our trip resulted in Pothole entrance being blocked by debris and no longer a viable exit so the line arrows changed ot reflect that. We did both gold lines in Peacock 1 in two dives.

2013 shots - Well Line Jump and Main Left Gold line

The main attraction of the Well Line is of course the Well - a vertical drop shaped exactly like the well. That cave is a lot prettier than main Peacock, less traveled. It is a syphon, but the current was very mild when we were diving it. As we were diving the system right after the flooding, the water had the yellow tint to it.

2013 shots - Main Left Gold line

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