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Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon is one of those unique names that is instantly recognized by every wreck diver, most WW II history buffs, yet it is almost completely unknown to general public. For obsessed wreck divers like me, this place is magical and I have been dreaming of visiting since I first learnt about its existence (about the same time when I started wreck diving ;-). Sure it is hard to get to and it is not cheap, but the collection of wrecks in the lagoon as well as their historical significance is well worth the trip and the money. Add 80+ degree water and 30 to 100 foot visibility and it is easy to see why so many divers put this location on their "must do" list.

There are several books written about operation Hailstone. For those interested in learning the history of the shipwrecks of the lagoon, I highly recommend the "WW II wrecks of the Truk Lagoon " by Dan E. Bailey. The first part of the book contains tons of historical data, lots of archival pictures of what the islands and all the fortifications used to look like as well as pictures of the sinking ships. Second part gives detailed descriptions of over 50 wrecks, complete with schematics of the wrecks, tips on finding the interesting areas and some photo pointers.

There are so many wrecks in the lagoon that it is impossible to cover them all in one or two weeks. In our two week stay aboard the Truk Odyssey, we have covered about fifteen. Below are the few of those, including my favorites Fujikawa Maru, Kensho Maru and Shinkoku Maru.

Fijikawa Maru

r2d2_thumb.jpg (4758 bytes)

Kensho Maru

kensho23_thumb.jpg (4861 bytes)

Rio De Janeiro Maru

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Shinkoku Maru

operatingroom_thumb.jpg (4550 bytes)

Nippo Maru

tank3_thumb.jpg (3166 bytes)

Sankisan Maru

hold_truck_thumb.jpg (4210 bytes)

Yamagiri Maru

hold2_thumb.jpg (3925 bytes)

Gosei Maru

stern3_thumb.jpg (2286 bytes)

Betty Bomber

betty10_thumb.jpg (3631 bytes)

Hanakawa Maru

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