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Cenote Najaron or Crystal, sistema Naranjal, "the Place of Oranges"

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Of all the caves that I dove in Mexico, this would have to have the title of "the most mis-named" one. Firstly, there are no oranges and secondly, it is anything but Crystal.

The water in this cave is dark and gloomy due to intrusion of the tannic water from the nearby swamp. Over the years, all available surfaces in the fresh water zone ended up the rich brown color that seem to just eat up light. This is not a small cave and there are passages when I had to stay very close to the line as I could not see the walls or ceiling. There are three routes that on can take in this system, the mainline and the Double Dome line are both in the freshwater zone and are dark and gloomy.

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The third route, the Sacbe passage is below the halocline and has some amazing red-colored decorations. That's where we spent majority of our time in that system.

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