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Lake Erie


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Indiana was built by G.S. Weeks of Oswego in 1852. She was a 3-masted wooden bark, an unusual type for the Great Lakes. She was 140 ft long. At the time of her sinking in a storm in Sept 1870, she was carrying a cargo of paving and curb stones and is also known as a “stone wreck”. All of her crew survived.

Today the Indiana lies completely upright in 90 feet of water, with the remainder of her cargo still there. Her masts are down, snapped at about 3-4 feet above deck. She must have landed right on her bow, leaving it very broken to the extent I did not know where in that tangled mess was “the pointy end”. Unlike the bow, her stern is quite intact with the rudder broken of and laying flat on the bottom. Other features include windlass, sizeable capstan, bilge pump and deadeyes and other rigging bits.

Bow area - very hard to figure out what's where:

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Some rigging elements, railings and capstan:

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Mast, holds, bilge pump and the cargo:

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