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Truk Lagoon

Hanakawa Maru

Having been hit by two torpedoes within a few seconds, 370 ft long Hanakawa sunk in a matter of minutes. Witnesses say that there was a huge explosion which was probably a result of a direct torpedo hit combined with exploding aviation gas in one of he holds. Surprisingly, the ship is still in a decent shape and is relatively intact.

She is quite a pretty wreck with a very interesting short bow gun that is almost unrecognizable from a certain angle; her divots are still upright and there is a nice lantern sitting on her desk.  The four-standard kingpost is also very interesting, covered with coral and has air ventilator cowlings at its top. There is also coral encrusted air vent at the stern as well as the telegraph. The deepest part is at the stern in 100 ft; stern deck is at 80 ft and bow deck at 45 ft; one of the masts comes to 10 ft

Highlights are numerous and include all of the above, plus a nice display of dishes on the top deck. It is also an awesome macro dive

Hazards - it had been reported that some of the holds still have some aviation gas

Divots, air vents, lantern, dishes and king post

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Can you recognize the gun?

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