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Lake Huron


Depth 100-120ft/ Length 365 ft/ steamer / Sunk in 1924 in collision with Leonard Miller

Glenorchy is a big wreck - almost twice the length of a typical schooner. She is also completely upside down or "turtled". The only features worth mentioning on the outside are the prop, poor visibility and current. Inside is incredible. It is possible to swim the whole length of the wreck on the inside but we aware that at 120 ft depth, the swim that is 365 ft long will result in lengthy deco obligation. There are two ways of getting inside at the stern, one is that everyone else takes and the other tight and twisty. Once inside, the space opens up and the exit opportunities stand out as the light seeps in from the outside. Really good dive for those trained in wreck penetration or cave diving.