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Lake Ontario


Built in 1848 as a wooden sidewheeler with two independent engines (one per paddlewheel); length 175 ft; depth 80 ft.

I have a weak spot in my heart for paddlewheelers and Comet is the best preserved of them all. She is neither large nor does she provide ample penetration opportunities - but every time I descend down to her, I can not help but marvel at the sight she presents. Sitting on the bottom of the lake at 80 ft, she is just over 170ft long and on a good day, you can see the whole wreck - with the paddlewheels standing upright 40 ft up in the water column.

Paddle wheels aside, the rest of the ship is starting to collapse. The upper deck planking is still there, but the passage of time flattened it up. When you are diving her, take a look at the walking beams of the engine - Comet is one of the best, if not the best preserved example of walking beam engines in all of the Great Lakes.

Hazards include zebras, silt (especially inside) and height (depth) differential between the top of the wheels and the bottom of the lake.

2014 shots.

I had been diving this wreck for over a decade, so below are some of my old pictures of her going way back to early 2000's and the days of film cameras.

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